Sunday, April 19, 2020
Bank Keshavarzi Protecting Customers and Staff against Corona Virus Bank Keshavarzi Protecting Customers and Staff against Corona Virus
By Mohamadreza Shabanzad @ 8:59 AM :: 945 Views

Bank Keshavarzi has come up with new measures to protect customers and staff from corona virus infection during Covid-19 pandemic. 
According to a report by Public Relations and International Cooperation Department (PRICD), Bank Keshavarzi has implemented new measures to enforce social distancing with an aim to protect customers and staffers against Covid-19. With Covid-19 outbreak, all BK branches have been using floor spots, ribbons and tapes to mark areas so that a larger distance is maintained between the customers and staffers and between customers while waiting for ATM and tellers services.
In addition, while encouraging customers to use e-banking services and switching to contactless payments and mobile baking, all branches have installed ATM sets, with cash deposit options, to receive currency notes from customers, the report adds.
The Bank has also introduced extra cleaning systems at branches and the Headquarters such as anti-septic doormats and HQ-visiting customers are given masks and hands cleaning with anti-virus sprays to help stopping the spread of corona virus.