Code of Ethics

Bank Keshavarzi's Code of Ethics represents the guiding values of the organization and applies to everyone who is employed by the bank because the bank aspires to the highest standards of ethical behavior in the conduct of its business. The code has been developed to bring discipline and professionalism to the bank's long-term and sustainable performance and to instill ethically sound behavior and accountability among its employees who all believe that they are judged by their conducts and the bank's reputation is fundamental to the bank's success.

 The code, based on the bank's core values and long followed by BK, is as follows:

  1. Treat the publicand customers with courtesy, respect their dignity, and acquire their satisfaction as the foremost capital of the bank.

  2. Observe discipline and carry out instructions received from supervisors within the framework of the regulations, rules, standards, and internal policies.

  3. Avoid discrimination towards customers and partners, who receive fair and equal treatment, equal access to banking services, unprejudiced information, clear explanations and understandable advice.;

  4. Promote the culture of accountability as one of the core values of the bank and hire employees with professional qualities such as intelligence, knowledge, organization, problem-solving and perseverance; 

  5. Protect customers' privacy, confidentiality and security of their information and avoid accessing customers' information except for appropriate business purposes;

  6. 6.Avoid excessive bureaucracy and promote operational promptness;

  7. Encourage organized teamwork, collaborative working, knowledge-sharing, exchange of experience, and high-commitment to enhance precision, accuracy, and quality for the good of the customers and the entire organization;

  8. Offer new and innovative banking services and products compliant with the highest standards, especially through e-banking channels and advanced technologies;

  9. Use the public and customers' inputs, i.e. comments, complaints, and proposals as a key opportunity for the bank to make customers feel valued, to identify potential problems in advance, and to provide indications of emerging needs or trends for use in future product development;

  10. Endeavor to meet needs and expectations of the stakeholders and customers as a strategic opportunity to realize the bank's objectives;

  11. Display patience, honesty, helpfulness, trust and due care to establish an attractive environment and atmosphere in which the customers should feel peace, tranquility, easiness, and affection;

  12. Recognize customers' demanded values and attempt to fulfill their requirements.