Mission and Vision

Bank Keshavarzi's mission encompasses sustainably creating and offering distinctive banking services aimed at meeting customers' needs and enhancing productivity for the public in general, and all those of organizations, economic enterprises, etc. involved in the agriculture sector and associated industries, in particular.

BK's fundamental values are, but not limited to, the following:

   1. Respect all customers as the main stakeholders of BK;
   2. Dignify the bank's staff as professional, motivated and enthusiastic bankers;
   3. Avail itself of new technologies to offer distinctive services;
   4. Comply with laws, rules and regulations of the banking system, based on Islamic Sha'ria Principles;
   5. Rely on knowledge-orientation and knowledge-based management;
   6. Achieve scientific and specialized credibility in the agriculture areas;
   7. Gain credibility in international arena.


Bank Keshavarzi (Agriculture Bank of Iran) is the prime specialized bank of the region, pioneer in innovation and utilization of new technologies in banking and financial services industry. Realizing its vision, BK is determined to:

  • Facilitate the flow of internal and external financial resources into the agriculture sector having identified and institutionalized the needs and investment opportunities in the sector;
  • Avail itself of diligent, motivated, highly-educated, trained, and expert staff, with good morals and  bound to professional ethics,  within international and modern banking sector;
  • Pioneer in utilizing up-to-date technologies, and capable to offer new E-banking services in national and international arenas;
  • Have integrated, coordinated,  harmonized, recognized, and fluent systems implemented and developed for the benefit of all stakeholders at required and internationally acceptable standards;
  • Hold the largest market and customers shares among the specialized banks, ranked among the first four-top Iranian banks;
  • Make constructive and effective interactions with international institutions and banks operative in overseas financial and monetary markets;
  • Comply with Islamic Sha'ria in banking operations and use novel Islamic banking instruments;