President's Message

As the president of Bank Keshavarzi (Agriculture Bank of Iran), I am delighted to have an invaluable opportunity to provide all individuals and organizations interested in  Bank Keshavarzi (BK) with information upon the bank's development goals, economic role, international perspectives, supporting services for urban and rural population, innovative services and products, and many other values we are trying to create for our customers and the public.

As the only specialized financial institution in the agriculture sector with more than 8 decades of experience, Bank Keshavarzi has been a pioneer in utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies including a comprehensive, centralized and online banking terminal, aimed at offering innovative banking services based on the customers' unique needs, global conditions and the bank's development and investment policies. In recent years, Bank Keshavarzi has made some remarkable achievements including the initiation of a system for computerized management of financial facilities; installation of the core-banking system and electronic banking terminals, provision of agricultural insurance coverage, implementation of CRM strategy, execution of fully mechanized system of inter-branch data transfer, constant reengineering of business practices and procedures to promote organizational flexibility, and launching the system of customers supervision on branches.

Within years of operation, Bank Keshavarzi has been striving to promote its development role in different economic sectors in line with national development objectives, to fulfill its social responsibilities, and to improve the effectiveness of allocated financial resources in urban and rural areas. The bank has been trying to follow its empowerment approach towards rural population, specifically the youth and household-headed women, and provide support for solidarity groups formation through diverse schemes.

Understanding customer needs, relying on organizational soundness and depending on specialties and passion of its human resources, Bank Keshavarzi has gone through its development route successfully so that  it has been ranked among the top Iranian banks.

I am assured that we continue to efficiently operate by the principles that formed our charter, i.e. stability, strength and services to realize our development goals and objectives. We  emphasize on operating as a part of international banking and cooperation system and continue our prominent presence in international arenas to present the bank’s capabilities and potentials. Accordingly, we have been focusing on mutual ties with international communities and some international credit and agricultural associations.

Surf through BK's website. If you have any questions or need further details, please do not hesitate to contact any of our experienced professionals.

Ruhollah Khodarahmi
Chairman and Managing Director

[1] Customer Relationship Management