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Social Responsibilities


Philosophical stand of Bank Keshavarzi is ;(a) all human beings are equally important, (b) given the opportunity, they can make positive contribution to the betterment of their own lives and the others in the society, and (d) the Bank's financial support for economic activities in the processes of gaining self- reliance and satisfaction of being active along with co-operation with others would result in sustainable development. 

This view endorses the principal of equity and creates incentive for socially disadvantaged to overcome their disabilities by taking constructive role in their lives and society. The Bank's mandate is "provision of all kind of services for development", and to fulfill its mission avoids "Financial providers approach" but "opening windows of opportunities" for all through combined efforts of bank and other organizations.
This philosophical standpoint by the dedicated and experienced staff have resulted in rural communities' willingness to participate, use financial supports and share the needs and bottlenecks of their life with the bank. This is a crucial asset for the bank and success stories are very gratifying for all. 

Among the major components of BK's social responsibilities and attainments, the following are presented as illustrations of community mobilization, women's economic empowerment, application of new technology for environmental protection, efficiency in production and improving the economic activities of rural population


 Rural Job Creation Fund



 Rural Girls


 Sporting Activities

 Children and Youth Bank