University Graduates Employment Scheme

To manage and create employment opportunities and extensively advocate the agriculture sector, Bank Keshavarzi has furnished agriculture graduates with special credit facilities amounting to Rls. 1000 billion, funded from the bank's internal resources since 2001. In this regard, graduates majored in agriculture, having at least undergraduate degrees, and those graduated in veterinary and natural resources majors may be granted credit facilities upon presenting a proposal for a project in agriculture, agro-industry and agricultural services as well as presentation of required documents. The facilities ceiling and requirements are determined in a way that the earned income can properly make a living for the applicants and assure job satisfaction for projects executives, i.e. the educated young adults.
The funds granted through the scheme are mostly invested on agriculture sub-sectors, such as horticulture and farming, animal husbandry, poultry breeding, aquaculture and associated industries. In this regard, the relative value of absorbed resources in horticulture and farming is more than those of other sub-sectors.