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Tuesday, March 11, 2014
 The 5th BK-UNDP Green Banking Workshop The 5th BK-UNDP Green Banking Workshop
By Himan shamsedin @ 9:22 AM :: 794 Views

The 5th Green Banking workshop was held at Seemorgh Hotel on 4 March 2014. Review on findings of each working group in previous workshop, the working groups were requested to review the other aspects of Sustainable Development (Social, Environmental and Governance) to match the circulars of Bank Keshavarzi in Khorasan-e-Shomali with the indexes determined and defined in previous workshops.

The review session was followed by a Question and Answer session and then asking the participants to choose 10 most important approaches the bank’s Managers should adopt while studying the project proposals. The following are those approaches and indicators which must be taken inconsideration within the projects processing and appraisal procedures:

  1. Efficiency (financial and economic), environmental sustainability and related indicators
  2. Create proportionality between the conditional and optional banking.
  3. Use methods to analyze risk and returns.
  4. Set frameworks and  added value matrix (Input - Output and Value Chain)
  5. Emphasis on strengthening development programs to reduce pressure on water and other resources.
  6. Design a mechanism for more involvement of the bank in decision-making processes for financial resources funded by the government.
  7. Promotion of cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Bank Keshavarzi to develop credit allocation strategies.
  8. Design mechanisms to reduce economic rents on agricultural credit.
  9. Prioritize projects requested by agriculture and farmers related organizations. 
  10. Increase impacts of Bank Keshavarzi credit facilities on the entire value added chain of agricultural activities.
  •  The 5th BK-UNDP Green Banking Workshop