Partnership Opportunities

Sustainable development is one of the most important objectives of all societies and countries, in which development in various aspects including social and economic ones. for all generation are aspired. Issues such as poverty eradication, rise of income per capita, growth in GDP, primary education, decrease of mortality rate, health improvement and women empowerment are types of indexes which display a country's development rate. Such objectives can be achieved if those involved in related sectors adopt a private-public partnership (PPP) approach emphasizing on domestic and foreign investment..

In a country like Iran, although public and private sectors are equipped with financial resources and required specialties, they keep welcoming partnership opportunities to have access to the up-to-date and state-of-the-art knowledge and technical assistance provided by both domestic and foreign partners aiming at:

  • attaining sustainable economic development;
  • evolving alternative strategies of financial support for realization of country's vast natural resources;
  • achieving synergy and efficiency promotion;
  • meeting clients' needs and enabling them to pursue their goals, etc..

Such an approach is also followed to provide the groundwork for development of the agriculture sector and sub-sectors, which are mostly financed by Bank Keshavarzi, and specifically in provision of financial support for small, medium and large agricultural production units, agro-industries project, etc.

Bank Keshavarzi, following the national policies and trying to play an effective role in implementation of the country's development plan, has been participating in execution of many projects, in different sector of economy, within the last decade. A very brief list of the projects supported financially by BK is as follows:

Agricultural Projects: Food Processing
  • Tabriz Egg-production Project
  • Rozhin Tomato Processing Projects
  • Mineral Water and Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink Project
  • Nik Pars Agro-industry Project
  • Arya Noosh Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink Project
  • Nik Nahad Industrial Bread Industry
Non-Agricultural Projects
  • Haft Almas Project
  • Reezmouj System Co. Project
  • Falat Sang Asia Co. Project
  • Moghan Wire and Cable Project
Irrigation Projects
  • Yaroghli Pressurized Irrigation Project
Green Houses
  • Decorative Flowers Project in Varamin
  • Dinarvand Greenhouse Project
  • Hashtgerd Greenhouse Project
  • Egg-Laying Chicken Project, Yazd
  • Milk Cows Project, Tehran, Iran
  • Cow Breeding Project, Kurdistan
  • Milk Cows Project, Isfahan
  • Saffron project in Torbat Heidariye, in collaboration with a Spanish Company
  • Pistachio Project in Rafsanjan
  • Jasmine Flower Project in Tehran, Iran

In addition to the PPP strategy which is traditionally connected to banking system experiences, new policies have been developed withi the last decade such as "development of production infrastructure with new technologies" and transfer of knowledge to private sector by transfer of holding through loans.

Such roles are being played by organizations associated to the bank such as the "Agricultural Lands Development Company" (Land Bank (, which was founded in 1992 to channel a part of deposits directly into agricultural development activities. Few of the Bank's main activities are:

- Establish and develop land; 
- Perform detailed designs for optimum use of areas; 
- Prepare plans for land rehabilitation; 
- Contribute to the use of state-of-the-art machinery; 
- Construct livestock, fishery and shrimp farming complexes; and 
- Support processing industries .
Partnership Strategy in Wider Scope
Fifth Development Plan of Iran defines the expected financial share of banking system during  2010-2115 as well as the possibility of foreign investment. Bank Keshavarzi with strategies for sharing not only financial resources but also technology and expertise, is interested to implement its strategies in a wider scope and with investors from other countries.  As a result, the strategy of "Partnership with national and international investors" has been developed and followed in recent years.