Deposit services

The critical and influential tool for banks to penetrate into the market, especially the "target markets", is development of new banking services and fully introduction of such new services to banking customers. To this end, Bank Keshavarzi has always been striving to develop and introduce new and distinct banking services that as of now it furnishes the bank's customers as well as those of other banks with over 120 types of banking services.
The outline of the services is as follows:
-          Deposit Services (Resources Mobilization for Credit Allocation including 47 Services)
-          Supporting services (including 12 services)
-          E-Banking services (including 20 services)
-          International Banking Services (including 16 services)
-          Services offered by affiliated companies of the bank (including Forex and commodities exchange services)
Deposit services
Based on Islamic banking, the bank mobilizes required resources through Qard-al-Hassanah deposits, time deposits, or certificate of deposit (CDs), literally referred to as "Financial Resources Mobilization ". The mobilized funds are used as resources for investment purposes and productive activities, helping the agriculture sector's growth and economic development.
Service Types
·       Rial Deposit Services
  •     Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Accounts
·         Regular Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Account
·         Special Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Account
  •     Special Agricultural Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Account
  •     Iran Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Account    Children Qard-Al-Hassanah Savings Account
  •     Qard-Al-Hassanah Checking Accounts
  •     Corporate Qard-Al-Hassanah Accounts
·         Corporate Savings Account (Public and Non-public)
·         Corporate Checking Account (Public and Non-public)
  •     Special Qard-Al-Hassanah Checking Account for Disabled & Illiterate Customers
  •     Time Investment Deposits (one to five deposit accounts)
  •     CDs
·       Foreign Currency Accounts:
  •  Foreign Currency Savings Account
  • Foreign Currency Checking Account
  •  Foreign Currency Corporate Accounts
·         Foreign Currency Corporate Savings Account
·         Foreign Currency Corporate Checking Account
Accessibility: Opening deposit accounts within branches working hours; offering regular services (withdrawal, fund transfer, etc.) through electronic channels such as ATM, cell phones, and online services 24/7;
Clients: All natural and legal persons
Delivery Mode: Through BK branches and electronic delivery channels;