Core Banking

Bank Keshavarzi, by taking the lead, did make a grand revolution in the banking system and has run an integrated core banking system in which the overall operations of depositing (checking, savings, and long term deposits), securities (partnership bonds, etc.) clearing, money orders, credit facilities, and the like are covered in branches.

The system, in addition to managing the above operations, has the ability to manage customer information system (CIS), parameters, lodger, liquidity, FOREX, documentary credits, ATM communication channels, POS, Pin-pad, LVR, IB, SMS banking, so that by the late March 2010-2011 the information of the whole branches will be transferred to Mehr Gostar system.
Functionalities of Integrated Core Banking System
•   Ability to make transactions and offering services through communication channels (internet, telephone banking, mobile, etc.)
•   Foreign currency services in all FX branches including cash trade of noncommercial foreign currency, trading noncommercial foreign currency out of deposit accounts, foreign currency money orders, etc.
•   Online Banking including accessibility of customers to information on their accounts such as checking balance, viewing reserved statement visible, the latest state of their checks, online funds transfer up to the ceiling of transaction, etc.
•   Telephone banking: possible reception of services on the balance for the last three turnovers, receiving the last thirty turnovers through fax machine, the state of issued checks, deposited interests, payment of utility bills
•   Mobile banking with software installed on the cell phone through which the balance of the last three turnovers, transferring funds and payment of utility bills are done.