Other E-banking Service

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
According to the growing competition in the banking system and the necessity to have research on the needs and demands of customers as the most important assets of the bank, and in order to create values and improve the quality of relationship with customers, the customer relationship management software is installed as one of the major information systems. Out of the purposes set for the CRM software, the following are to be mentioned: value creation for customers; increasing customer satisfaction; adjusting the relations in various levels of the customers of the bank; making use of customers' comments in renovating new services; accelerating better services to customers; increasing the output and effectiveness of the lobby tellers in branches; offering modern services; absorbing new clients; accelerating negotiations at various levels and making comments in proper time; identifying weak and strong points and training negotiation skills in various levels of the bank; acquainting resource mobilization experts nationwide with modern services of the bank and sharing the experience of experts in negotiation with customers.
Management Decision Support Integrated System (DSS) – DASHBOARD Management
Due to the role and importance of hidden knowledge in data and information exclusively in banks, and in order to promote management system and decision making in Bank Keshavarzi, managers' dashboard system or integrated system of supporting management decisions was planned and operated to be accountable for management needs and information of senior and middle managers of the bank. Some exclusive features of the software include reduction of the time of accessing the required information for decision making, increasing the accuracy of the results because of eliminating man power and the possibility of updating key information for directing the bank.
Computer Management Software for Disbursed Credits
The purpose of implementing this plan is to operate software to mechanize the process of profile making, credit disbursement, and managing its implementation with respect to the various levels of usage in branches. The system includes a recognized set of states and commands so that the state of each credit profile is changed according to the default set of actions to make a new state for it. Any actions that lead the profile to the default state are registered by a tag of the user on date and hour. The order and frequency of states is evident and predetermined which means methodological process of disbursement. The level of accessibility and type of power for each user is predicted in the system in a way that each user is able to make limited changes on the profile according to his/her own job description and position, and for various levels of usage at the system there are separate file holders dedicated for that.
Online Registration of Application for Credits
In order to accelerate services to the customers of the bank and to reduce the number of unnecessary attendance to branches, online application for credit facilities was added to the software, enabling customers to send their application to their desired branches or get to know the appointed time to attend to branches and pursue their application.
Mechanized Software for Projects Supervision
Because of its mission as a specialized bank nationwide, Bank Keshavarzi grants credit, on a civil partnership basis, to the organizers of projects in a wide range of activities focusing on agriculture sector. The software has been designed for online supervision on micro and macro projects, sharing the supervisory files of projects, and increasing the speed and accuracy of supervision.