Children and Youth Bank (CYB Scheme)

The CYB Scheme was approved by the bank's board of directors in 2000 aimed at promoting banking and saving attitude among Children and teenagers, familiarizing them with modern banking services and in general, orienting a large group of teenagers and kids with banking operations. In 2003, the typical branch of the project was established in Tehran with a special interior and exterior design, serving children and youth. Special children and youth windows were set up later in 85 Tehran branches.

     To achieve the objectives of the scheme, the bank included the following advantages for the target group:

  • Opening accounts by parents for the children and youth under 15 years of age;

  • Opening accounts and withdrawing funds by the youth over 15 years old;

  • Advantage to participate in savings accounts lottery twice a year (i.e. general lottery for all BK accounts and Kids Day Festival on October the 8th);

  • Priority in receiving credit facilities as they turn 18 (legal age);

  • Exemption form payment of expenses and commission fees of inner-city and inter-city money orders