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Sunday, August 18, 2019
BK Stops Publication of Payam Mehr Monthly in Paper BK Stops Publication of Payam Mehr Monthly in Paper
By Mohamadreza Shabanzad @ 8:22 AM :: 80 Views

BK has decided to stop publication of Payam Mehr Monthly in paper. According to a report by PRICD, BK will no longer publish Payam Mehr Monthly (Bank Keshavarzi Organizational Magazine) in paper to comply with one of its Social Responsibilities policies. 
Focusing on sustainable development and aimed at playing an effective role in protecting the environment, as one of the pivotal organizational strategies of the bank, and considering the ever-increasing expansion of electronic technologies, the bank will publish the monthly magazine in digital versions, which will be available through the bank's official website ( within the upcoming months, the report says. 
Bank Keshavarzi has so far taken important steps in fulfilling its social responsibilities such as providing financial support for art and culture; financing green projects to protect water resources, soil, air, forests, rangelands, and other natural resources; supporting environmental issues such as recycling and waste management; installing Office Automation System to reduce paper use; and development of electronic-banking to facilitate banking operations and reduce customers presence in branches.   


  • BK Stops Publication of Payam Mehr Monthly in Paper