SMS Banking

To constantly provide the customers with information on their accounts and to furnish them with ability to conduct selected banking transactions, Bank Keshavarzi implemented a technology-enabled service offering system, i.e. SMS banking, on cell phones using SMS messaging. To offer the quality SMS banking services, the bank's authorities have always considered the convenience of executing simple transactions, quality of services, the provision of on-time services and alerting the customers with up-to-date security advice.


The SMS banking channel also acts as the bank’s means of alerting its customers, especially in an emergency situation. For example, when there is an ATM fraud happening in the region, the bank can push a mass alert (although not subscribed by all customers) or automatically alert on an individual basis when a predefined ‘abnormal’ transaction happens on a customer’s account using the ATM or credit card. This capability has mitigated the risk of fraud going unnoticed for a long time and increased the customers' confidence in the bank’s information systems